Key Fob to Keystroke

I am trying to trigger an action on an OSX application from a Key Fob. The components I purchased from NCD are:

  1. 1-Button Key Fob
  2. KFX interface module
  3. Zigmo USB interface board

I can see that my mac computer is receiving data from the Key Fob receiver, however, the application I need the receiver to interact with will not recognize the data in it’s current form. I need to convert the data sent from the Key Fob receiver to either a keystroke, midi or OSC. Do you have any recommendations on how this can be done, or would you at least be able to point me in the right direction? I am indeed a novice, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, so what you are looking for is a HID device that takes Key Fob and converts to HID. HID stands for Human Interface Device, and is a common protocol used by all keyboards. Unfortunately, I do not have any resources on this. Your best bet will be to turn to Google and look for a serial to HID converter of some kind. This can be done in software, but I am not aware if this software even exists. If you can find software for this, please post on this thread. Sorry we could not be of better help to you on this one.