Java program to read zscan32proxr

Hello folks yes I am a newbie. I was wondering is it hard to read the status of a zscan32proxr and if there are any tutorials, example code or information I can research. Thanks for any assistance.


This product guide will give you most of the information you need:

Since this board is available with several different types of interfaces(USB, Ethernet, WiFi, etc) it is hard to provide really in depth information on interfacing to the board over Java. If you can let us know what interface you will be using we can provide more information.

first choice network


It’s really pretty simple. You’ll just connect a TCP socket to the board, then in Java from that socket object you get an input and output stream which you can use to read and write byte arrays to the board. Using the commands in the guide linked above you can send commands over the output stream to read inputs, then the board will send back a response to the commands over the input stream.

If you have any questions on this please let us know. If you have trouble I can try to get a simple sample put together for you.