Issues with Wireless 2 Channel 4-20mA Receiver (sensor type 52)


We are facing some issues with the 2 channel receiver and I would like to see if anyone has seen this before.

Problem 1: Data is not sent to AWS but we checked and the batteries are OK, no led blinking, old device version

Problem 2: Data is sent to AWS but does not look real. Once an hour, the value of the current is 12.4 mA (15.6 mA has also been seen).



What are you using for the receiver? Is it the AWS Micro Gateway, the Enterprise Gateway, the IoT Edge Computer, or a USB/Ethernet Modem?

If you press the CFG button on the non working unit do you see the LED light up? Can you provide a photo of that sensor with the lid removed?

Lastly can you provide a diagram or photos of how the signal is connected to the 4-20mA input?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott