Issues with Node Communication

Hey there, we’re trying to hook up our temperature and humidity sensor and just exporting it to a csv so we have real-time data collection.

When we set up the wireless device, it has said “running” once, and has only received one datapacket in the debug screen before it ceases to run. One of my coworkers has gotten one gauge to work briefly, but inexplicably it stopped working.

We can get information on Alpha Station, and have no problems hooking up the sensor to it. We are not developers and our knowledge of code isn’t the best. I tried to add a script into the program so it directly created a file with the information in it, but nothing I tried worked.

Is there any way someone can look through the code and what we’ve done on node-red to see what we’ve done wrong? Or if someone could figure out how to get the data from Alpha Station to an excel file, I would be eternally grateful.

Attached is the code and a screenshot from Node-Red

Please let me know if you need any more information.

flows.json (5.4 KB)

We have Labview software which can be used to log/export data in a XL sheet. its bit of process to install but it works really well.

To install the run time dependencies please checkout the readme file.
In short you will need to install 2017 SP1 runtime.

You might need to install serial visa driver

@jacob can you take a look at node red setup when you get a chance.