Issues installing the nod red wireless

hello, I’m getting this issue once i try to install the ncd wireless


If you’re installing this in a desktop/non embedded operating system you’ll want to use npm install ncd-red-wireless-2

I did use npm install ncd-red-wireless-2 but i keep geting the same Error


It looks like Node-Gyp is having problems compiling the serial port library. You may need to downgrade your node.js version as the latest recommended version for node-red is 16.x: Supported Node versions : Node-RED

Additionally you’ll want to run this command in the .node-red directory. To do this you can enter cd .node-red or cd ~/.node-red before the npm command

The serialport library we use requires the use of node-gyp to compile the library to your system. Check the section “On Windows” on this page for it’s requirement: GitHub - nodejs/node-gyp: Node.js native addon build tool