Issue with N-Button Pro

Hi guys, I am hoping someone may be able to assist me with a problem I am having with N-Button Pro software.
I am using N-Button Pro software to control a ProXR relay board.
N-Button software allows you to create custom relay button widgets, which I have done.
I create my relay button layout on the screen and everything is working great.
It may work for a few days then when I boot my PC all my custom widget graphics have been removed from the software.
Sometimes it also removes the default widgets that come preinstalled with the software.
I have spoken with the software manufacturer and he mentioned that some Windows 10 updates do cause issues with his software but he was unable to tell me which ones.
I have tested different versions of Windows 10 builds and I am still having issues.
Does anyone have experience with N-Buttons and have come across this problem?
Is there software that may be conflicting with N-Buttons or do I require supporting software to enable N-Buttons to work correctly such a .NET Framework etc
Any help would be appreciated.
Regards Rick

Is there any other software available that controls ProXR relay boards which would allow me to run a custom relay button graphic?