Is there a way to turn off UDP broadcasts coming from Lantronix XPro module

Hello we were using some older relay boards with the Lantronix XPort pro module on them. We have a bug in one of our designs were it seems to hang up when it sees a UDP broadcast packet coming from the relay board on the ethernet from port 41572 and going to port 13000. Would there be anyway to turn these off?

Also if we order new board with this PN ( ZUXPSSR16XPROXR_ETHERNET) will we be getting the Gen3 module and are they software compatible with the old module? Would the Gen3 generate UDB broadcast packets all the time as well?



There is no way to disable the UDP broadcast on the Lantronix XPort or the Gen3(NCD5500) modules unfortunately. Up until this point we had never had the request to disable it as it has never been an issue in the past.

If you order a relay controller with an Ethernet interface module you will receive the NCD5500 Gen3 module. It is slightly different from the Lantronix Module, however, if you are communicating with the controller over a TCP socket your application software will not know the difference.

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Travis Elliott

Thanks I just was trying to see if there was a way to work around our issue with our hardware. So I will probably have to see if we can fix it, but it may take more effort than we would like. I was just curious what these broadcasts were for?

The Broadcasts enable software to find the boards on the network.

Figured out a stupid easy way to work around this. We put the hardware with the bug on its on Ethernet port. Thanks for the help however.

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