Is there a way to send ascii data

I am looking for a way to send ascii data? We want a way to transmit part numbers and other relevant data.

can you share more info ?

I am looking for options.

what interface do you need ? RS232, RS485 ?

Right now I have your wireless USB modem talking to your wireless push notification dry contact transmitter. I wrote a Python script that works well with one of our UR5 robots to notify us if production has stopped. It only takes two UR5 I/O ports to trigger two relays as the dry contacts. We are looking for more ways to communicate with this robot. Unfortunately we can’t use the UR5’s real time data exchange with our present network setup because this UR5 requires a static IP address.

An example for ascii transition is an operator start a job. From the job number we know there are 300 parts. Each time the push notification transmits is one cycle. From the push notifications we can tell the cycle time and the number of cycles left which gives a real time anticipation of job completion. This is just one of many examples transmitting ascii data.

does this robot has RS232, RS485 far as the communication goes it doesn’t matter if we sending ACII or hex byte.

Let me get back to you about that. I know there three modes of serial communication which are TCP/IP, MODBUS and PROFINET. All three use the one Ethernet port. The schematic show a RS485 port. I’ll ask Universal Robot if it can be used.

@Anil_Bhaskar according to Universal Robots, RS232 can be used but must be converted from a USB port or possible an Ethernet port.

if we have to use the USB then why not use this usb modem

two of these should be able to build a bridge.

@Anil_Bhaskar let me see if I can access the data stream with a USB connection I have accessed it with an Ethernet connection. Do you have an Ethernet connection device?

yes we do.
this has Ethernet and USB both

@Anil_Bhaskar perfect! Thanks