Is there a way to copy the program file from a board that's already been programmed?

I have an industrial relay control board, model ZADR45PROXR that was sold to me with a third party program installed on the PIC microcontroller. I want to make a backup of the PIC program file in case the PIC ever goes bad and I need to replace it. Is there a way to copy the contents of the program memory and save it as a file I can use later if need be? Thanks.


We do not allow users to program the ICs in our controllers. I’m not sure what exactly they did but PIC chips are read protected so there is no way to extract the program from them.

So then, as long as I have their setup.exe and control_system.application file, it should run on a replacement ZADR45PROXR that I can buy from NCD? Thanks.

Yes, if it’s just software running on a computer connected to the board that should be all you need. You can purchase a new ProXR board in the future if needed and it will work with the software.