Is ncd-red-ads1115 still usable with the latest version of Node-Red?

I’ve tried installing and get a ton of errors, I’m in over my head in figuring this out.

Can you provide more information?

Version of Node-Red
Version of NodeJS
Errors you are getting

I’ve started over, loading up a card with the most current Raspbian, going to get the latest Node-Red, will let you know what errors I run into.

Quick question, better to install from within Node-Red or use “npm install ncd-red-ads1115”

If you’re using Node-Red then its easiest if you install it through Node-Red’s pallet manager.

I’ve installed it, it says it installed but it doesn’t see the board. Here is the install log:!An1oJsAcemxog_Zr_cgFx1DJgUHWJg?e=fzDYm0

It just shows “Disconnected”

Got it figured out, Comm type needed to be I2C Bus, not NCD USB

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