Is it possible to hook up 2 AMS 5915 pressure sensors to one Arduino?

I am using an Arduino to measure differential and static pressure for my application. So I need two different sensors, however the AMS 5915 sensors all have a slave address of 0x28. Is it possible to use two of these sensors or should I use one AMS 5915 sensor and one AMS 5812 sensor since that one says the I2C address is programmable.


If you can use the AMS5812 for your application I would recommend using 2 of those so you do not have to implement code for two different sensors.

It is not possible to mount 2 AMS5915 sensors to the same bus since they have a fixed I2C address as you mentioned. The only way to use 2 AMS5915 sensors would be to use an I2C bus multiplexer like these:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks! So if I get 2 AMS5812 sensors, do I need to get a AMS5812 starter kit and use another software and board to reprogram the I2C address? or can the address be changed from the Arduino software?

The starter kit may be necessary. I do not see any documentation on how to program the second I2C bus address in the data sheet.