IOT Wireless Repeater

Hi! I am new to the wireless network and I have been evaluating using it on a project. I want to use the IOT Wireless Dry Contact Transmitter (, but there is a wall between the two points. So, I want to know what device would be more suitable as a repeater and how it would be configured

Do you simply need to replicate a dry contact closure signal in a remote location wirelessly? If so this is a more suitable product:

If that is not your requirement please let me know what your intention is for this project.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

No, there are 8 signals on the location, but the points are separated from eachother. Also, these signals are meant to be sent to a PLC on the other point, but the wall its the main problem.

Hi! I was thinking that maybe I could collect the data via the Iot rs485 wireless modem and connect it via rs485 to another modem of the same type. Is this possible or the communication its only wireless?


RS485 version