IoT wireless light sensor only sends 2 data messages.

I have been testing the Long Range IoT Wireless Light sensor, and I do not receive more than 2 data messages. The sensor is powered by a 12V 1.5 Amp power supply that has worked with all (5) other NCD sensors tested with it.

Even after a factory reset, The device behaves per the following:

  1. Power up
  2. Receive First data message
  3. Nearly at the same time, receive power up message
  4. Delay the duration set in Labview, (or 10 minutes per default setting)
  5. Receive the second data message.
  6. No more messages received regardless of period waited.

This behavior has been observed not only in the labview utility, but also the XCTU serial monitor. To mitigate any issues from other NCD devices in the area, I configured the light sensor to use a unique PAN ID with Labview. I still observe the same behavior.

Do you have any idea why I’m not seeing the consistent data messages as I expect?

Thank you,

Hi Alex,
I will take this to the designer of the light sensor @Anil_Bhaskar. He is currently traveling, I will see him to tomorrow and we will get back to you on this.