IoT project opportunity

to all, I am developing a stack of IoT sensors they are all ideas for now, so I am looking for a team of expertise in the following:

  • sensors
  • digital
  • IoT platforms
  • mobile app development
    no commercial target yet but more of trying to have a show case


You should be able to accomplish everything with hardware we currently offer off the shelf. We support several IOT platforms including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Particle, Onion, Arduino, ect.

If you need a mobile app interface for prototyping purposes I would highly recommend Blynk( We have a small tutorial on using Blynk with our boards and the Particle Photon WiFi module here:

If you can tell us more specifically what you are attempting to accomplish we may be able to help more.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks a lot dear this is helpful
I agree with you on the fact that your hardware has a lot of great stuff
I will wait for more replies

we are app and web development company
we are currently working on NCD 32 Relay board to control via WIFI(Local),Internet (IOT) on Android App and I phone
if we can help you its great
Thank you