IoT Long Range Wireless Pressure Sensor Bidirectional Differential

Hi! Interested in using the Bidirectional Pressure sensor to measure vacuum in an air filter monitor system. This sensor would see negative, or vacuum pressure at its ports and have to measure the difference. As long as I stay within the ratings of the sensor, vacuum shouldn’t be a problem, right?

yes, that is correct. it does have +/- 10% FS scale tolerance as well.

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Thanks Bhaskar, appreciate your response

Bhaskar, is the pressure value reported an average of the readings sensed over the sampling interval, is it the max, or a snapshot?

its a snapshot.
sensor will wake up after user defined interval and take a reading, send the reading and go back to sleep

Bhaskar, thanks for reply. I have installed an AMS 5812 003-D-B sensor and am getting readings of approx. 2.5 for pressure. Analog guages read 1.0 inH2O. Is this sensor for +/- 0.3PSI? Does it perform some type of calibration at power on, that I can clear?

the error rate is +/-1% of FS. so in this case full scale is 6PSI.
read the sensor type set using labview utility.

these sensor come pre calibrated and do not require any user calibration.

I assume you mean full scale of 0.6 PSI. The sensor appears to be reading in mbar, not PSI. Can you confirm that the reading is in mbar?

AMS 5812-0003-D-B – FS is 0.6PSI error rate upto 2% of FS
AMS 5812-0030-D-B — FS is 6PSI error rate upto 1% of FS

The sensor sends data PSI*100
so in order to convert data into PSI == sensor sent pressure/100


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