IoT Long Range Wireless DC Voltage Monitor 0-1000mV DC

We are planning to monitor DC voltage output from one of our equipment
by IoT Long Range Wireless DC Voltage / USB Modem
The equipment will generate voltage 0-1000mV.
Could you please recommend us a suitable sensor for the project with
the product link.
In case of no product available, we are looking forward for custom design.


We have 0-5VDC input long range wireless devices.

Can you please spec the resolution requirements for this project in millivolts?

Thank you,

Hi Travis,
The acceptance range(spec) we going to monitor between 0.64v to 0.76v.

We can build a custom version of this one

while placing the order, mention this “build custom version with FSR 1.024V”.
In this case, the device will read 0-1.024V at 15bit resolution.


I was very excited to receive 3 packs of receivers “build custom version with FSR 1.024V”. Based on the supplied cable, which color should be connected to the equipment (+ve and -ve)?


pinout info can be found in product manual

Hi Anil,

Base on product manual, i connect blue(+ve) and brown(-ve) cable to the equipment test point +ve and -ve.

Why no voltage output appear in sensor viewer(alpha station) application?

Here the voltage by using multimeter

Please enlighten me ASAP, currently we preparing to order another 32 pcs.

You should be looking at the raw adc values.
can you share a picture of the board?
also does the ADC value change when you change the input voltage?

Hi Anil,
Please ignore my post on 17 Mar 2023 as there is error on it

Hi Anil,

Without connecting IoT 4-20mA cable to the equipment, the reading from Alpha sensor board as followed:

We connect IoT 4-20mA blue (+ve), brown(-ve) and black(ground) cable to our equipment as picture below.

No reading from Alpha sensor board (it almost the same as IoT 4-20mA device without connecting the cable).

When we measure with multimeter and IoT device cable still attached to the equipment, the voltage too low. The voltage had dropped after connecting the IoT 4-20mA cable.

Without connecting IoT 4-20mA cable to the equipment, just using the multimeter, the true voltage able to get.

I need your help to guide me through the process to get actual voltage and how to convert ADC to voltage.
FYI we using node-red


What is the online order number?

Hi Anil,
I will check with our vendor and get to you ASAP

Hi Anil.

The online order number is 512075

unfortunately, there were no order notes put in place by the person who placed this order. Which means no customization was done.
We can schedule a call and see what we can do to get it going for you.


Great, how about tomorrow at you time 10am, give me you email I will invite a Webex meeting

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