IoT Long Range Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver


We purchased a (PR52-9) 4-20mA current receiver. We intend to use these units with various types of 4-20mA loop powered devices.

Currently we use various brands of current/voltage receivers (Data Logger, PLC or I/O module) that for the most part require an external 24V power supply and a resistor within the circuit sized to match the voltage requirements of the receiver. As an example an I/O module with a 0-5V analog input channel.


  • Will we need a separate 24V power supply and a resistor with this unit?
  • Some of our existing units have a ADC converter on-board so the output is a value from 0 - 1023. What is the output of this device? A value representing actual current or voltage or is it a converted value from 0 -1023.
  • One of the ultrasonic sensors we use has a output signal of 0 -1 volts. What is the recommended hardware solution for a device of this type?
  • Would a Current Loop Input endNode be a better choice for our needs?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Mark,

  1. Its a passive receiver. so it will need power supply to power up the 4-20mA sensor.
  2. it outputs from 0-1023.
    This formula can be used to convert a raw Analog Value into 4-20mA.

mA = raw_adc * 0.020
4. Current loop end node will be good choice. given the case that you already have power supply available. In end node device master will need to send a command in order to get 4-20mA value where as the devices you have sends after a periodic interval.


Hi Bhaskar,

When hooking up the (PR52-9) 4-20 mA current receiver to a 4-20 mA vibration sensor using a 24V external power supply to supply power to the sensor, do we need a resistor in the circuit like shown below? If so I assume 250 ohms?


Thank you.


Hi Mark,
No it does not need any external resistors.


Thank you for your quick responses.

Is there a wiring diagram example you can share that includes the 24V external power supply, a 2 wire 4-20mA sensor and a PR52-9 receiver.