IoT Linear Displacement Sensor Modem not Communicating


I have installed alpha station and it does say that it cannot communicate with the modem. I also have tried using the XCTU software and it does not find my wireless sensor at all. I have used both 112 000 and 96 000 for the baud rate and it did not work. My Wireless USB Modem is PR55-17A.

I need urgent help since this is a very crucial part of our project.

Thank you!

the default baudrate is 115200.
what error are you getting ?

I meant was 115200 and 96000 baudrate. I apologize. I get an “unable to communicate with modem” pop-up.

if you go to device manager can you see the port number ?


It shows up on alpha station but it would not find the modem:

I used base station as well:


For XCTU, the light was still on but the software would not recognize the port at all:

base station wont work
The reason why its not working because the jumpers are set to ethernet. move both of them to USB

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Hello, thank you!

I changed the jumpers but the computer is still unable to communicate with modem.


It is working now, thank you so much!!

Vernonika Castaneda

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