IoT gateway node-red : Error " Flows stopped due to missing node types. remote-config"

Somebody an idea?
My flow is stopping due to this node-red error.

Leendert Vermeulen (leenve)
The Netherlands

Usually this means your ~/.node-red/package.json is saying that there should be a certain node module installed, but it isn’t actually installed or there was an error while loading it.

Usually this can be installed with this from the command line (this may be different on some windows OS):
cd ~./node-red
npm install
npm rebuild

Adding this photo from @leenve for clarity.

The most probable node-red module I’m seeing on github that could throw this error is a module called Firebase.

Do you have this firebase module installed?

Hi Jacob / Travis,
Unfortunately no luck.

I can’t update npm modules in the first place, not via the terminal and not via manage palette in the node-red environment.

Hope somebody has a hunch.


I will try to install firebase.

Keep you informed.

Hi Jacob,

As far as I can see the firebase is not installed in the gateway node-red environment.


Hi Jacob,

In the meantime I have found a solution on the web :

Quite simple in fact and it worked!

Cheers Leendert