Iot Edge keep rebooting


I upgraded the OS version on my IoT Edge computer using the “oupgrade” command.
Since then, the computer keep rebooting. I tried factory resetting the chip by pressing the reset button for 10s and this did not change anything. I am still able to connect to it for 4-5 seconds at a time using putty via ssh. I did not manage to connect it to my computer (windows 11) via the serial (usb) interface.

I found the guide to do a NCD factory reset here LTE Cellular Ethernet WiFi IoT Edge Computer - but it is kind of useless for me since I cannot see the usb drive and even if I could I am not sure if il have enough time to do the update before the next reboot.

Thx, Matthew.

Hi Matthew,

That’s going to need to come back here for repair/replacement. You can fill out an RMA here: