Ioad168 program software

I have a dozen or so of these boards in the field, currently installed where I cannot get to them. There are fully wired for various i/o pins.

We currently only use 4 I/O which generate the RS232 data that the PC acts on. We’d like to send a RS232 command and use one of the i/o pins as a control line.

We expect to have to do our own programming, but need the original software that is shown in the manual - along with any instructions on how to use the software.

Or it may be that the board has pre-programmed functionality that cannot be changed, in which case we need the software so we can experiment with sending RS232 commands and getting of the i/o pins to trigger from the RS232 command.

Any help anyone can offer (other than any suggestions involving replacing everything, using a new piece of hardware etc. - not that these are valuable inputs, but with Covid, we have no access to the hardware/system and cannot implement a more “modern” solution).


Hi Dave,
We have posted all available information on older discontinued products at the following link, there is data available for these devices. Unfortunately, we are not able to support them here any longer as the software was written in VB6 which has long been discontinued and will not run on modern computers.
Thanks for being an early supporter of our company!