Internal gateway/modem for sensors (PCIe?)

I have a wireless predictive maintenance sensor, and I would like to try a few others. Right now I’m using this with the MQTT gateway. This works, but the fact that it’s WiFi only is a significant drawback. Another option would be the USB gateway, but if I were to take this route I would prefer embedding the gateway into the computer itself.

Is it possible to get an internal USB header for the XBee modem? Or is there a version of this modem available (from anywhere, not just NCD) that’s available in a PCIe form factor? (I found this but not sure if it’s compatible -


Our Enterprise line of products, which is what you are working with, utilizes Digi’s 900 HP modules with Digi Mesh protocol. You can view the product page from Digi here:

This module unfortunately is only available in the through hole XBee footprint and is not available as a surface mount component. This means there are more than likely no solutions for a PCIe version of the module. The whitebream products you listed would not be compatible as they are S2C and SX which are different platforms.

There is no a good solution for internally mounting the XBee modem inside the server computer that I am aware of.