Interface with 8 Channel pot over bluetooth/WiFi

Hi I recently purchased this from relaypros:

I purchased the wifi/bluetooth module with it and I am looking to communicate with it over bluetooth and or wifi for the initial set up. I understand this can be bypassed with arduino esp32, from other posts but I don’t understand how to get the board plugged up to do so, I have a version of the solution I am trying to prove functioning using the arduino and some pots but your board is built so much better I would rather use it. I just don’t know the communication standard needed to achieve it.

I also see you can set up the device using the onboard NexGen WiFi Module but I would like to customize it so that it has specific branding for our device. Is there an easy way to load my own configuration html file or can we set setup parameters programmatically through http request?

Things I would like to do.
Default HTML Page - Modify it so that it is easy to set the WiFi Network and password through a branded interface.
UDP Discovery Name - Set the Discovery name programmatically
Set arduino up to interface with the board.

I haven’t received the hardware yet so I don’t know if i can just plug the board in and see the set up files and direction here would be much appreciated.

Hi @ericwied,

The NexGen WiFi/Blueooth module you purchased on this device is an ESP32 module running an Arduino application we deployed to it. That Arduino application handles the WiFi/Bluetooth communication to the device and also hosts the HTML interface when in configuration mode.

The Arduino application deployed to the ESP32 is closed source meaning we do not provide the source code to be modified by users typically. However we have made modifications to it and provided the source code to enterprise level customers in the past who use the device in high quantity. Do you know if your use-case is high or low volume? If it is as simple as changing the the NCD logo to a different logo and changing the device name in the UDP broadcast we can simply do that for you.