Installing FlowFuse on Robustel Enterprise Gateways?


I recently attended this webinar: Deploy FlowFuse on Industrial IoT with • FlowFuse

And I am wondering if NCD has any resources on setting up Flow Fuse on the Robustel Enterprise Gateways? I don’t want to mess anything up, and based on my reading, its necessary to install a device agent? GitHub - FlowFuse/device-agent: An agent to run FlowFuse managed instances of Node-RED on devices

If anyone can provide some details best/practices on how to set this up, please let me know!

Thank You!

Hi @tulanowski
We don’t have specific documentation for FlowFuse (Agent) on the Enterprise IIoT Gateway yet, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, I can share some documentation for installing and using FlowFuse:

I hope you find this information useful.