Initial setup for Wireless RS-485 Transceiver

Can anyone please help us connect our Wireless RS-485 transceiver PR55-34. We cannot identify this on BaseStation or Alpha Station software.

Thank you

this device can not be used with alpha station or base station.

its simply a wireless to RS485 and vice versa converter.
I will recommend checking out this guide

Hi Bhaskar,

We have connected it per the guide. However, the source and destination devices are not communicating.

We did confirm that the source and destination device communicate properly over a 2-wire connection first before installing the wireless devices.

Is there anything we need to do with the CFG or RST buttons to get this device into AutoEncoder mode?

what the baudrate ?

No you dont need do anything with CFG and RST.



Baud rate is 19200

The badurate of the module is 9600.

can you change your device baurate to 9600?


Okay I will check if baudrate can be changed on the destination receivers end. Is there a way to change it in the module?


The baud rate on the destination device is fixed at 19200 and cannot be changed. Can we change the baud rate in the wireless module?

Yes, using this ui

but you will need a wireless modem like this one

This modem will connect to your PC and send commands to the RS485 to change baudrate.

Is it possible to connect my computer to the RS485 connection on the wireless module then write baud rate change to it? We have a USB to RS-485 converter here.

unfortunately not… these devices are designed to work over wireless network