Industrial Wireless Absolute & Gauge Pressure Sensor With 1/4 NPT

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I’m interested in this sensor: “Industrial Wireless Absolute & Gauge Pressure Sensor With 1/4 NPT - PR52-33P”.

Industrial Wireless IoT Absolute & Gauges Pressure Sensor With 1/4 NPT (

Before placing an order, I’d like to have the answer to the following questions:

  1. What is the minimum configurable time between 2 readings?

  2. Is there a mode where the data is read in real time (in ms) and a signal is emitted if the pressure read exceeds a certain threshold?

  3. Could you explain the difference between “absolute pressure”, “gauge pressure” and “sealed gauge pressure”? Does this have any impact on the fluid whose pressure can be read? In our case, we want to read a high-pressure liquid.

Thank you

  1. min interval is 3sec but it can be as high as 6sec
  2. no but can be made
  3. Absolute includes the environment pressure in its reading as well but Gauge pressure only measures the true pressure. 99% application only need gauge pressure.


Thank you :slight_smile: Have a nice day