Industrial Vibration Sensor V3 - Sampling Interval less than 1 minute


I was wondering If it is posible to set the sampling interval less than 1 minute.
I am using an external DC power supply, so I wouldn’t have problems with the batter. In this application I need to set the sampling interval at least every 2 or 5 seconds.


The minimum interval required is 5 minutes. I’m curious to learn about the specific application that requires real-time data.

Thanks Anil,

Sure. I am measuring vibration on motors inside a container crane, the operation is highly variable (motors can be operating just 10 secs and then they stop). If my transmission rate is 5 min and almost all the time the motor is turned off, is being pretty difficult to me to obtain a value and its behavior when is on.

Also I need to measure at least 3 times in that brief space of time (when the motor is on).

Maybe there is a way to activate the sensor and make 3 continue measures separated by a pair of seconds when the machine is operating.

I would like to hear your suggestions.

ncd smart vibration sensor has a trigger feature.
this is how it works

  1. user can set a threshold vibration value
  2. sensor will be sampling all the time but send data only when
    A. when vibration exceeds the set threshold value
    B. after the set interval

Let’s say the sensor detects the measured vibration above the set threshold. It will send data and go back to sleep till it’s time to send the interval data. we do this so that the device doesn’t send data forever.
This sensor is commonly used on compressors that only come on a few times daily.

Thanks Anil, definitely that would help. I will make some test and see if it works.

Something more, if the machine come on and off three times in one minutes, that means the sensor will detect vibration three times above the threshold in that minute. Is that correct?

Im also worried about the starting peak from the machine, that would give me high values due to the high torque at starting. It is posible to delay this measure after the threshold trigger?

We already took care of the peak issue.
once the sensor detects the trigger, it will discard the first 5sec samples and start taking samples.
This way, we can ignore the initial false peaks