Industrial High-Current DC Monitor Interface board


I’m looking for a Industrial High-Current DC (typical 50 up to 200 Amps) monitor Interface board with I2C interface, 3 to 6 channels will be OK for my application.

I’m only have seen devices for small currents in your site (5 amps or so), did you carry such high power device?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Marco,

We have this available in our Enterprise IoT Wireless line here:

These IoT long range wireless sensors are available with 200, 600, or higher amperage by request. We do not currently offer a sensor with more than 3 CTs in this line.

Hello Travis,

Thanks for your answer, but the device offered is only for AC current, we need for DC (Direct Current) circuits, Is this remark OK?



We do not have any DC current monitoring products capable of monitoring amperage at that level. I apologize for missing the DC requirement in your comment.

Hello Travis, thanks for your answer.

Anyway, the AC versions are suitable for another projects I have in mind.


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