Industrial Counter Stopped Communicating

One of our counters stopped transmitting to the gateway. A day later we went out and found that nothing was visibly wrong. As soon as we cycled power to the device, it immediately began transmitting again. Is this a known issue that we should be aware of? Any ideas why this occurred?

Resetting the device is not a major issue, but in doing so, the counted total is reset, and it throws off our software. Is there any way to make the count non-volatile?

What is the firmware version of this device?
The hardware has EEPROM nad if we write too many times, it will wear off the memory.
In future hardware, we are planning to put a FRAM that can store in a non-volatile state.

Firmware version 3. When it stopped communicating the counts were only at ~2,000. On any (3) of our counter modules, if you turn the device off and back on, the counts are lost.

Yes, the counter will reset if

  1. device is power cysled
  2. press reset
  3. reset using io

How frequently is the counter value changing?
How are you changing the counter value?

Ok, it was my understanding that eeprom data was available after a power loss.
Counter is changing every 2 minutes or so. Wired to a open collector output on a meter.

Any idea why it needed to be powered down and back on to re-establish communication to the gateway?

NO, it does NOT store data in EEPROM. if we store every pulse data in EEPROM it will wear off the EEPROM in no time.
looking into why it gets stuck.

Ok thanks. We have the transmission delay set to 10 minutes. So even if the counter stops increasing, we still get transmissions every 10 minutes. In this circumstance however we received no data until we reset it. Another one of the counters has accumulated >12,000 counts and has not had an issue, yet.

@Anil_Bhaskar any updates on the issue with our counter needing to be reset to restore communication?

I am running 3 units. will let you know by end of the week.

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My units are still running. i can send you these.

I appreciate the follow up. That would be great, please let me know if you need any information from me.

send me your address or order number

Orders #509473 and #508316 include the (3) INPUT DEVICES (PR55-1A) WITH PR52-3B FIRMWARE

Should leave tomorrow.

Anil, Do you have tracking info on this?

It should have been delivered by now. let me check with the Shipping dept

Agreed, it has typically taken 3 days for delivery so I wanted to follow up.

I assume the initial package went missing, so we dispatched a replacement package today