Indexing different potentiometer UXP extension boards for command


I have a digital potentiometer controller, and three UXP extension boards that I’ve daisy-chained together, I have a python library that controls the potentiometers using a socket; I’m able to command potentiometers on the first board; for example, the bytes below set potentiometer #8 to value 0:

AA 04 FE AA 08 00 5e

I’m not sure how I can change this to be able to access potentiometers on other boards, should I add another byte to indicate which board I want to change?



It’s been while since I’ve used one and I don’t have one in front of me to test on, but I believe you just increment the potentiometer index byte by one and the onboard processor chooses the next one in the chain as if it were all one board.

Example for setting the first pot on the second board (assuming your first board is an 8-channel):
AA 04 FE AA 09 00 5f

@TravisE_NCD_Technica would know for sure though.

The index of the board in the chain has no bearing on the command, only the index of the channel. If your first board has 8 potentiometers then the first pot on the second board would just be channel 9.