Inconsistent Vibration Data from Predictive Maintenance Sensor

Hello - I’m observing inconsistent behavior when monitoring vibrations with the Predictive Maintenance Sensor (PR55-20A). The sensor is used in conjunction with the Wireless Ethernet Modem (PR55-17B).

The unit was initially calibrated sitting on a desk, returning the following results in Node-Red:

I then installed it sensor on top of our team’s running refrigerator:

After a few minutes, the sensor was returned to the desk:

Any insight into the issue would be appreciated!

Also, is there a LabView UI currently available for this sensor?

Thank you!

Hi Tim,
Once the sensor is installed on a machine it needs to reset.
During the first boot sensor will calibrate itself.


Thanks for the quick response -

Is the intent to calibrate the sensor for each location it is installed (I calibrated it on the desk and then moved it to the refrigerator)?


Yes, it needs to be calibrated at the location of installation.

So, before calibrating back on top of the refrigerator, I reset the sensor once again at my desk and monitored RMS values for a few minutes and then shook the sensor for a moment. It appears that the values do not seem to return to the initial readings at rest.


Currently I am observing data in Node-RED, is there an alternative method for observing these values (the product manual states “Currently Labview UI is not Available for this Sensor”, however all of the examples in the manual reference Labview)?

Thanks again,

so rather then shaking the sensor element shake the table and then compare the results

  1. before
  2. during
  3. after

the sensor element should be fixed on the table. you can use double sided tape.


The sensor was taped to the table, calibrated and allowed to sit idle for a few minutes before shaking. Note the odd, yet consistent, spikes in the x-axis min and max readings:

(I am assuming units is mg, correct)?