INA196_3 ADC With powered Sensor

We purchased an INA196_3 ADC channel.
We have connected it with powered and non-powered sensors.
For a non-powered sensor, it supplies a 15V power supply to the sensor and the generated output received is as expected.
However, for a sensor (basically powered sensor with 24-volt power supply) it does not provide generated output as expected. However, the same sensor works fine with an ADS1115 chip.

Can you please help us with how to connect a powered sensor with the INA196_3 ADC Channel.


Hi Tushar,

The INA196 has its own dedicated power supply and it will only work with 2 Wire devices. It powers up the devices and reads the 4-20mA signal.

It can not be used with devices that has an external power supply.

I will recommend this product for such applications