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PR16-6-1A 24-Channel DPDT Signal Relay Shield + 8 GPIO with IoT Interface


I’m referring to the instruction on this page:

I’m ABLE to execute the following commands in IFTTT:
TurnOnAllRelays, TurnOffAllRelays, SetBankStatus:2,255

However I’m NOT ABLE to execute the following commands:
1On, 1Off, 1Toggle or 1Momentary.
I also tried with other relais numbers.

What is it that I’m doing wrong ?


For the 16, 24, and 32 channel IFTTT relay controllers you have to separate the relay number and command with a comma. So you would want something like:


ok, thanks for the instructions. I’m able now to control the individual relais.
Concerning the inputs:

  1. What is the command to read the inputs ? I used Input_1. Any documentation you can recommend ?
    I’m currently using this info: https://ncd.io/ifttt-controllers-quick-start-guide/
  2. In order to create a positive signal on the I/O Connectors. Do I give a GND or 5V signal on GPBx?



Inputs will publish to Particle Events. Your 24 channel relay controller has 8 inputs so the events will be published to Events:


The event payload will be ON or OFF based on whether the input is open or closed. ON if the input is closed and OFF if the input is open. These inputs are used to monitor a closure between the input and GND so you would connect a dry contact closure(one leg to the input and the other leg to GND).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

thanks Travis.

just connecting 1 wire to the input_1 creates a “rate-limited publishes” error on Particle server.
Just after 1 day, the module published 1985458 pulses.
The wire is just connected to input_1 and is not connected to GND.

I’m wondering if it can be cause by an electric magnetic field captured by the wire acting as an antenna.

If so, how do you recommend me to proceed ? Is there a way around ? Is there a way to “earth”/stabilize the input_1 ?


It looks like the inputs in that library were not being pulled high which means they were floating and could have caused numerous publishes(My bad on that). I updated the library on Particle but you will have to flash the firmware to your board now.

Go too build.particle.io and sign in with your Particle account. Click the libraries icon on the left which looks like a ribbon. Search for NCD24Relay and select it. You should see examples on the left. Click on CloudControl.cpp then click Use This Example. Now make sure your board is powered up and the LED is breathing Cyan(light blue), click the target icon on the left which looks like a cross hair, make sure your board is selected there, then click the flash icon on the left which looks like a lighting bolt. That should flash the updated code to your board. It should now only publish events if the state of the input changes. Make sure to test it though, I don’t have a 24 channel board here at my desk at the moment so I can’t actually test to make sure it’s all good.

Let me know what you find out.

Hi Travis,

I flashed the board however I’m still seeing the same issue.
Attached the log I downloaded from the device.
As you can see in the last few lines, after the update, I’m getting rate limits again.

Any recommendations on how to proceed here ?


device-diagnostics_NCD_24_RELAY.csv (23.8 KB)

attached another experiment when connecting the input_1 to GND and when not.
In both cases I have a rate limit, however it is smaller and more constant.


I’ll try to get a board at my desk this week and experiment to see if I can find and correct the issue. I will report back.

I just updated the library again. I was able to test it with a 24 channel relay controller here at my desk as well so it should be all good.

Load up the library and make sure the library version shows 0.0.4 to make sure you have the latest version. Flash that and let me know what you find.

Thanks Travis,
it seems to work now without any error.

Hi Travis,

Since Particle uses webhooks to communicate with IFTTT as of August, the NCD24Relay library 0.0.4 will not work any more. Where can I find an updated library to keep the relay working ?