Ideas for repeater inside metal warehouse, second antenna outside for gateway

Is there a solution to have a repeater installed outside a metal warehouse, with its antenna inside the metal warehouse, with a second antenna outside the metal warehouse to better connect with the gateway?

Trying to solve the problem of repeating to the warehouse, but also being able to pick up/send to the gateway down yonder that is in the main office. I need a repeater inside the warehouse, but the metal shields the signal too much from the gateway, so I also need a repeater or antenna outside the warehouse as well.

How best to make this scenario work well?

how far away is the gateway from the repeater ?
is the gateway outside the building ?

The gateway in this scenario is 100 meters from the repeater. Although the gateway antenna is currently inside the building, we can relocate the antenna to the outside.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica i think we should send a signal tester unit to Bill.

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I will recommend taking the antenna out and keep it away from the metal as far as you can.

You mean move the repeater antenna outside and away from the warehouse? In this setup, the gateway that is talking to the repeater is 100 meters away. Would your suggestion to move the repeater antenna away still apply?

Is the gateway inside the building or outside the building ?

the antenna transmits RF in a dome shape.

If the repeater is inside the building, it can go though one metal wall.