I2c Multi-Master

We are using two FT230XS USB-to-i2C adapters connected to two different applications (LabView & Python). We’d like both applications to be able to connect to the same i2c bus, which our A-to-D converters are connected to. If the i2c connections from each FT230XS are connected to the same bus, will each one arbitrate for access to the bus, or will the FT230SX’s only act as a single master device? Or, is it possible to make one of them only act as a bridge which monitors i2c traffic?

An I2C bus only supports 1 master device. It is not possible to have 2 master devices on a bus communicating to a slave device.

To my knowledge there is not a way to use a device as a bus “sniffer” to monitor all traffic on the bus.

If both of these applications are on the same computer I would think it would be simpler to communicate the information from one of the applications to the other.