I2C error codes

I’m using the Ethernet to I2C Converter card to send command to a device (Power supply).

I occasionally get the error code 94. Can I get some documentatiion or explanation of what this I2C error is?

The only difference with the error I get its 188 94 165 67 (or something along those lines)

All the docs I can find only show the follwoing errors but they do not cover beyond error 92:
Error Codes
Fusion firmware tries to provide you with clues as to why your command was not accepted by an I2C device. However, it should be stated that not having a device connected, using the wrong address or port number may also trigger these error codes. Fusion firmware will return the following error codes if there is a problem communicating with an I2C device:

88 90 165 67 Error 90: Acknowledgement Not Received from I2C Device

88 91 164 67 Error 91: Device Took Too Long to Respond

88 92 163 67 Error 92: Could Not Set Address of Device

Error 90
This error is generated when a I2C Device does not acknowledge a command. Typically, this error occurs later in the serial stream, and usually indicates command parameters or memory locations are not properly set.

Error 91
Fusion I2C firmware supports clock stretching, which allows I2C devices to hold the clock line during the time it takes to measure sensor data. This error code is generated of an I2C device takes too long to respond (1 or 2 seconds is too long for an I2C device).

Error 92
The first byte of data sent to an I2C device is always its address. This error code is generated if an I²C device fails to respond to this address. This error typically occurs early in the serial stream, and indicates the address byte is wrong or the device is not properly connected.