I2C Communication between two Nano through NCD Shield


I use a lot the NCD products and I have already made a small project where I control various sensors (BME280, MQ135 and LSM9DS0) through the I2C address I found on the documentation.

But when I want to do a master-slave between two nano through the I2C Shield Nano, my communication doesn’t work.
And when I try my two codes (which are really simple) with a direct connection through cable between A4-A4 and A5-A5 it work well

What am I missing ?
Is there a particular address for the communication through NCD I2C cable for the Nano shield (like it is for the BME, MQ, …) ?

Thank you very much for any help


I have found the problem.

The cable connection doesn’t fit between two shields because the SCL of the master isn’t rely to the SCL of the slave but to the GND and the rest is the same !

Sorry for the useless topic !

No problem. We are glad you were able to get it resolved.

Let us know if you need anything else.