I am trying to reset RS-485 Node Serial Network Communications Module SN65HVD12D device and it does not appear to be working

The reset does not appear to be working. We have the jumper on C and then connect 3.3V to the CLR but I am still not able to connect to the device in Base Station.

I had tried to set the communication to use RS485 at a baud rate of 19200 but now I am unable to connect to the device at all in base station so I tried to reset it, but now I am unable to talk to the device at all. How do I connect to an RS485 device in base station

the rs485 baudrate is 9600.

I just realized I actually probably set the
Fusion 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller with 16 GPIO or ADC and I2C

Device that has RS485 module on it to expect something different than what it should have been. Is there a way to reset the Fusion 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller?

did you buy fusion with rs485 ?
if yes the fusion should be set to correct baudrate.

That is correct fusion with RS485. I’m saying in base station I set the communication settings of the fusion to be RS485 instead of UART so the RS485 module won’t be able to talk to the device since it’s converting RS485 to UART. If you can give me a pinout of the header for the communications connection I could connect to this device over RS485 but I think resetting the fusion controller would be easier. I can’t connect to the Fusion Controller anymore basically.

got it.
so here is how its setup

  1. the RS485 module has serial connections. one connects to fusion and one connects to RS485
  2. the default fusion serial baudrate is 115200 but when its purchased with RS485 we set it to 57600.

The pinout of the RS85 or Fusion is same as xbee pinout.

Okay that makes sense. I guess the problem is in Base Station I set the communication of the Fusion Device to be RS485 but the RS485 module is actually UART. Is there a way to reset which communications the Fusion device is using to default of what you all had originally set it to?

you will need this module

I see thank you for the help