I am trying to read GPIO pins on the Fusion 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller and the result is always showing a 1 for each channel with nothing connected

I am trying to read the status of the GPIO pins in the Fusion 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller using the base station software. I am able to connect successfully over RS485 and talk to the device in base station. However everytime I try to do a read of the pins they are all returning a 1 when I have nothing connected. I tried to put 5 V on one of the GPIO lines to see if it would flip to a 0 to see if maybe the system was active low but everything stayed a 1 no matter what I did. All pins were set to input and everything was grounded properly. It did say something about making sure the pins were not being used for reactor, but I couldn’t figure out how to check that. I checked several places but the settings were not clear. How do I properly read the pins using the base station software?


Are you using this AD GPIO board for Fusion?

If not you will need that to use the GPIOs as inputs.

Okay we are not using that so that explains it. For clarity, we don’t have to use that to use the output of the GPIO right?

That’s correct, but you cannot mix the pins. They are either all outputs or all inputs.

Okay cool. That’s good to know. Fortunately, we are using two of these devices one for input one for output so we should be good.