HTTP/socket on WiFi/Ethernet

We’re in the middle of rushed development:

  • didn’t receive our boards with wifi modules " Relay Controller 8-Channel General Purpose SPDT + 8 Channel ADC ProXR Lite" due to shipping issue, will be several more days to receive
  • have a board with hard wire Ethernet module, using for development

With Wifi module:

  • We see HTTP commands are possible e.g.[254,108,1], that’s good
  • Q1: Do sockets work?

With Ethernet module

  • we are successful in controlling relays with socket
  • Q2: it seems the HTTP commands are not supported, we have tried (with correct IP,yes). Is that correct?

Unrelated question:

  • Q3: Is there any command to read the RSSI of a WiFi module?

Q1: Yes, you can establish a TCP socket to the WiFi module and send commands that way.

Q2: @Jacob can you provide syntax for sending commands to the NCD5500 via HTTP API?

Q3: Currently there is not a method to obtain RSSI via API. It is viewable through the web interface however.

Thanks, @TravisE_NCD_Technica .

Q2: @jacob Don’t take the time, devices with wifi should arrive today/tomorrow.

Q3: Yes, we see RSSI in web interface. It always puts up login dialog when accessing it – is there a way to directly call the page that shows RSSI with some embedded login info so we can screen scrape it?

Sorry, currently there is not an alternative way to obtain RSSI. It wasn’t something I thought to add during development and it has not been requested in the past. This could be implemented but would require changes to the firmware running on the WiFi module.

Understood, a “nice to have” not “need to have”. We do continuous deep health monitoring for devices like comm failure rates & RSSI is helpful to troubleshoot.

If it were eventually possible to access a page of web interface with embedded login info that would handle it - NP screen scraping. Could also then get temperature, even validate serial number etc.

Remember, our customer sites are distant, never want to need to go on site.

Received the wifi boards. You can close this topic. Thanks for the help.