How to receive data from Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor V3 to my own gateway without the moden

I have a Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor V3, I want it to send data to my gateway direct without moden. how to achive this?

I have my own Gateway. Can the sensor send the date to my Gateway?
I have 2 wifi adapters on my Gateway. One for internet connection, and the other one is not used.

ncd wireless sensors do not work wifi or BLE. These work over Digimseh wireless.
You will ned a modem and connect this modem to your gateway.

I have the NCD Azure Iot Gateway and this vibration sensor but I cannot see any data arriving in Azure?

Both the gateway and the device have the EU 868mhz cards.

I have an environmental sensor that is sending data to Azure via. the same gateway ok.

Hi Alex,
You would need to update the gateway firmware if the gateway was purchased a while ago.

Also, to fully utilize the V3 sensor, we recommend node red.

The gateway is brand new but I have re-flashed anyway and I still don’t see any data from the vibration sensor?
Fyi I haven’t pushed the vibration sensor to send data as I am expecting it to send automatically.
The gateway was connected to Azure with the new firmware ~24 hours ago.

Is the sensor powered on?

Yes, I’m testing 3 devices
Environmental sensor - working ok
Wireless vibration sensor - no data
RS485 adaptor - no data

The devices all have standard configs and I have been pressing the RST button intermittently to send a sample packet, the vibration rst light flashes red followed by the blue ring a few seconds later.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica can you add support for type 84 in the gateway?


I have updated the Azure Gateway firmware to support Type 84 vibration sensors. Try updating your firmware again and let me know if you have any issues.

Please note you will not be able to configure settings in the sensor through the Gateway. That requires processing resources the Micro Gateways simply do not have.

The vibration sensor worked straight out of the box with the new firmware thanks.

What about the Industrial IoT RS485 To Wireless Converter?

The firmware flashing script is really neat and painless by the way, it’s a great tool!

How are you planning to use it?

We use gravimetric blenders in production to mix up to 4 materials by weight. Each batch is 1kg and on completion prints to the rs485 port with the exact weight of each component. We can use the time stamp to determine the average throughout through the machine. Typical throughputs 30-100kg/hr so a matching number of data packets.

I can share the protocol if it helps but I was planning to do that manipulation between Azure iot and azure sql either with stream analytics or a function.

if I understand correctly, this weighing scale will send an rs485 packet as soon as the scale reaches 1kg and will keep sending it every time it increments by 1kg.
The user does not need to request the weight.

As you know, the RS485 is a modem, and the gateway only supports the sensors made by ncd.
Can you share a sample RS485 packet? We can see if we can build custom firmware for you.
Can you confirm that the PR55-34 you have has auto encoder or emulator firmware? For such an application, you should be using emulator firmware.

Yes you are correct, it automatically sends a data packet on completion of each batch.

Sorry no I didn’t realise it is a modem, I’m not sure I fully understand the difference.
I was assuming/hoping when the device received data it would just send a packet to the gateway as json which the gateway would push to Azure.

The device currently has the standard firmware it arrives with.

Maybe I don’t have the right device here?

Your assumption is correct that it will send data to the gateway, and it does that. The issue is that the gateway does not understand this data and ignores it.
Given that this can be connected to any RS485 device, it will be impossible to write a parser inside the gateway to parse the data.

What’s your order number ?

Oh sorry, I presumed it would just forward the raw data at some packet size or delimiting character. I understand you couldn’t possibly build every device into the gateway so how do you handle devices that you don’t recognise?

Order #508041

The machines we are trying to read data from are Maguire WSB100 and WSB200 series blenders.

I have the manuals for the machines I can send over by email?

The blenders can be configured to output a data packet for each batch, see format below

* 13/05/15 * * 14:16:04 * * ID# 10 ** * WO 000000 * RECIPE 00000 OP 000
**1 R 98.0** **2 R 0.0** **3 R 2.0** **4 R 0.0** TOTAL
FINAL: DISP,% 981.7 97.98 0.0 0.00 20.2 2.01 0.0 0.00 1001.9
RATE: GR/TIME 20227 976 0 0 19411 1952 0 0 13.8
1ST DISP,TIME 981.7 473 0.0 0 20.2 21 0.0 0 1626

It’s the “FINAL: DISP, %” line that we are looking to record, how much of each material was dosed in each batch.