How to read inputs from the GPIO pins in the Fusion 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller?

I have the jumper on the Fusion 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller in the “pull down” position, the channel direction set to “input” for all channels, and the ADC GPIO Breakout Board for Fusion Series Controllers plugged into the UXP Ports. I have 5VDC connect to IN1 on the ADC GPIO Breakout Board for Fusion Series Controllers but all channels still read 0. Everything is properly grounded. How do I read inputs from the GPIO pins?


Can you send a picture of your setup? Do the Digital IOs read correctly via Base Station?

Can you also let me know what commands you’re using to set the port direction?

I am unable to send a picture of the setup. I get the same readings in Base Station as I do just using code. Below are the commands I am using:
Set each ports direction to input: 236 2 255 1, 236 2 255 2
Read DIO status: 236 1 255 1, 236 1 255 2
I am able to control the device fine using outputs but I have been unable to successfully read inputs.

@ryan1 do you have any insights?

I have not heard of this problem before, I would suggest going to Base Station Software and running some of the testing applications. Disconnect everything from the inputs, and remove the pull up jumper. If a voltage is on the input while the controller is powered off may damage the controller, so make sure voltages are removed when the controller is off. I would not attempt to write any code until you have it working from Base Station software. Make SURE the controller is not sitting on top of conductive plastic bags, this has been a real problem in the past and will affect input readings.