How to know "working" status of a machine?

I’m developing a project where i need to read metrics from a machine, basically i need to know when the machine is “working” or “not-working”.

My thought is about to connect power sensors to read the status of the machine, but i want to send this data to a computer via wireless.

What would be the best hardware to use in the entire solution? all the way from sensors to pc

Thank you all.

does the machine vibrates when it runs?

Not only when it runs/transform…vibrates all the time, thats why I think a power sensor is better.

what do you think?


one more thing… does it has any contact closure output. A lot of machines outputs a contacts closure output when the machine is running.
if it doesn’t then current monitor will be the best sensor.


No, it hasn´t a contact closure output.

So, the current monitor is the best…do you have any advice/idea about some wireless hardware to send data from the sensor to a pc/server?


You can use this usb modem


Do I need to connect this modem to my PC right? what about an ethernet modem…is the same type of architecture?

Yes,You will connect this to your pc usb port.
ethernet one works in same way as well.


Awesome, and, finally…if I connect the modem to a “ethernet switch”, will work?

as long as your pc and Ethernet modem are on same network.
else you will need to enable port forwarding.

i am looking for same application but i need something that use Sim card as there is no wifi access, so basically i need to know when the machine is “working” or “not-working” from Avery far place (another city). any recommendation please.

Thank you very much.

Hi Majj you will need some kind of a 3G/4G GPIO which will simply take the level from the machine either a current transformer or an output from a dry contact and send this as an actual packet using the cellular network and be displayed on a web based platform. We have actually done this for a few of our clients.
Let me know if you want detailed info