How to get relay #2 to work on Key Fob Remote Controlled Switch 2-Channel General Purpose Long Range Wireless

I bought a 2 relay long range wireless board to interface with six different 2 button key fobs. the lower button on the fob actuates relay #2 flawlessly however the #1 fob button does not actuate relay number 1. A light lights up on the radio board but it does not actuate anything on the main board. Am i missing something? I attempted to adjust the programming on the Zigby programming board that came with it but there doesn’t appear to be anything to do with relay control… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Unit will be wirelessly actuating preemption at traffic cabinet so the trucks and come and go during emergency call. Button 1 would activate preemption 1 to get out of firehouse and button 2 would be for returning to the firehouse.