How to connect "I2C Shield for Onion Omega with Ethernet Port" to the network


I am using the " I2C Shield for Onion Omega with Ethernet Port" to connect an omega2 to my wired network. But if I configured the device like here explained, the ethernet port will not work. What is the correct configuration and wiring to get the ethernet port up?
As an additional info, the led’s at the plug does not show anything. Should they? The lan cable is ok btw (often used by my laptop)


The LED on the port are not supported.
can you share a picture of the setup and i will recommend checkin with onion community as well. They have a lot more exp with onion.


I have a really simple setup. I only use a micro usb cable to power the onion, connected the network cable and also a usb serial adapter.

Do I need maybe a crossover cable instead of a normal or something like this?

I found an community post at onion:

Maybe the Ethernet port is not working with my switch? Bas Rijniersce at the end says “Working with ControlEverything on their unit” Maybe someone have infos about this problem and there are some incompatiblities with an omega2?

Any ideas are welcome

we are sending you a new one :slight_smile:


Sounds good, do you need some personal information or do you have all infos.

Thanks a lot

please forward your address at with your old order ID.