How to choose from the shared options?

I’m about to order a few of these:

And it said under the features that i can only choose one of the different shared options but I cant seem to find where i choose between them. Maybe I’m blind but i think it should be under the “buy now” where you can choose other things. Is it supposed to be a part of the order notes?


Hi BR,

I’m not sure what you are referring to. Can you please explain what you mean by “one of the different shared options”?

Hello Travis,

Copying the last part of the features:

  • Dual 8-Channel 10-Bit A/D Converters (*Shared)
  • Dual 8-Channel Programmable GPIO (*Shared)
  • Dual UXP I/O Expansion Ports (*Shared)
  • Optional RTC & Memory Expand Capabilities
  • FXR Relay Expansion Port for Relay Expansion
  • *Shared Features Cannot be Combined, Choose Only One

So if i want to choose the 10-bit A/D converters I’m not sure how to order that instead of i.e the programmable GPIO.


That is not necessarily referring to hardware. This is functionality of the board so if you tell the board you are using the UXP ports for monitoring A/D inputs then you cannot use them as digital inputs. I don’t call this the conFusion series for nothing :slight_smile:

If you plan on using A/D inputs then make sure you purchase the board with the optional GPIO and Analog Input Breakout Board for the UXP Port

To be completely honest though I would make sure your application requirements cannot be fulfilled by the ProXR series devices as they are much simpler to operate and have a lower learning curve. If you just plan on turning relays on and off and monitoring A/D inputs via software connection over a single communication interface then ProXR will do everything you want to do. Fusion should only be used if you need it’s built in automation functionality or more than one communication interface connection.