How to access ProXR reset function via http call

We are using hundreds of controllers in our lab which we control with sockets.
Periodically, we get the ‘timed out’ or ‘refused connection’ status. Since we have the IP address of the controller, we are able to manually connect via http using an internet browser and reset the device:
Presented with NCD.IO CONFIGURATION page, click on Management, click on reset button.

Since this seems very reliable/repeatable, I’d like to automate this in our scripts if possible.
Do you have information available to connect via http and perform this function?

Thank you!

Hi Mikey,

Do you know if your controllers have the Lantronix XPort ethernet module installed or are they the NCD5500 Ethernet modules?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,

Yes, we use the Lantronix XPort controllers.

Thank you,

Hi Mikey,

Unfortunately I do not have access to one of those modules currently. They are obsolete and were replaced by the NCD5500 modules. I would recommend opening up the inspect window in Google Chrome, then click the reset button and monitor the request that is generated. You should be able to replicate the request that is made when that reset button is pressed.