``` How do you program a PR60-11 to control a PR60-17

I am trying to use the Base Station software to have a PR60-11 control a PR60-17. I can see both devices but there is not a control panel that I can use. I have not used these devices before. Do I need to use diffrent software or locally on the device, to get them to communicate.


I’m assuming you have a MirC Ethernet pair. You can find the documentation for setup at: Ethernet Mirror Configuration with NCD5500 Gen 3 Ethernet Module - NCD.io

Yes and I can see both devices on the network should they just talk between each other or do I need to program them. If I need to program them what would I use.

You will need to configure them to talk to each other. You can use the configuration utility: https://github.com/ncd-io/ncd_Ethernet/raw/main/NCD%20Config%20Tool/NCD%20ConfigTool%20V2.exe

The exact settings you need depend on your network makeup. The previously mentioned guide will cover this in detail, but you basically need to assign them static IP addresses within the subnet of your preferred network, make sure the baud rate is set to 57600, and assign one as a TCP client and set its host as the other module’s IP address and port number.

I did the previous instructions. For some reason I can not communicate with one of the units. I added the proper ip addresses and am on a unmanaged switch. I can ping each but the one I can not see it drops every 4th ping. The other one stays steady. I have changed switches. What could be the issue?

Can you send a screenshot of the configurations for each of the modules?

It could also be a power issue.

Is the 12v power supply being shared with any other devices? Specifically inductive devices like motors

Are the pins on the underside of the boards in contact with anything conductive? This could lead to power shorting on the device.

Is there voltage on the line being fed into the input on the transmitter board? These devices are designed for dry contacts only.

I can not reach the PR60-17 to check the configuration.

The power is coming from a .5 Amp transformer plugged into a power strip.

I was setting up on the bench before taking to the field nothing was shorted out.

Nothing is currently connected to the inputs.

Can I default the network settings some way so I can re-enter the settings?

Before I changed the settings I could see it on the config tool.

Settings really shouldn’t prevent the devices from being discoverable by the utility. It uses a UDP protocol that can find the devices even if they’re not valid on the network.

When you run the NCD Configuration tool there will be a drop down in the top left. This will be a switch between the different networks that the PC is connected to. Use the Update IP list to make sure the list is current and check any IP zones listed there.

To factory reset you can hold the reset button on the module for 2 seconds and it will factory reset them.

I got it working. I defaulted it and could see it on the office network changed the settings. Put it back on the local unmanaged switch and started working.

Thanks for the help.