Hot chip on Push Notification over Ethernet


We have the following device:

The chip gets very hot to touch when running and sitting idle. Have you scene this before? Is it a potential mis-configuration? a process on the device that’s running in a loop?


It is normal for the device to be warm when running. However it should not get so hot that you cannot comfortably hold your finger on it, if you cannot comfortably hold your finger on it then there may be an issue.

Is the device still functioning?

The device is still functioning, but definitely can not hold a finger on it comfortably.

Where on the board is the heat coming from? Can you share a photo that depicts where the heat is resonating from?

Seems to be the Wiznet chip.

Our customer was the one that brought this to our attention with one of there devices, and we noticed the same thing on our test device.

The temp of this device could be as high as 60-70’C ( its still a normal behavior)

The heat comes from the Ethernet physical chip and on board ARM controller. The operating temp range is -40’C-125’C.