High Power (30-60A+) Solar Disconnect Relay

I’m looking for a part suggestion for a remote disconnecting switch for a solar PV system.
I have had success in the past using a MirXR2x0_KIT for a lower power, 30A circuit relay for the same purpose but I am having a hard time finding compatible relays for 60 amps and above.

The mechanism we’re looking to create is a “keep alive” signal with a normally open contactor to keep pv production active during grid on situations, and to kill the pv production when the grid power fails.

  • 1st stage relay and contactor located at a remote location being fed by grid power will maintain a closed circuit for the solar array
  • 2nd stage relay will be located at the solar pv array and will open the circuit on line 1 when the keep alive signal from the 1st stage is lost.

Between the 1st and 2nd stage is a generator which will feed the same circuits usually fed by the grid + pv. The goal is for the pv circuit to remain open when the generator engages to prevent backfeed of pv current into the generator.
We are currently using the same MirXR2x0_KIT contactor boards with Omron G9TA 60A latching relays [G9TA-K1ATH DC 12] but they are not compatible with each other.

Looking for product suggestions that will work for a 60A application with the MirXR2x0_KIT or a solution to connect the two products mentioned above which have already been purchased.


Is there a reason you are attempting to use a Latching external contactor? Specialized logic is required to drive latching relays which is why it does not work well with the MirXR2x0 which was designed to operate non latching relays.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

No particular reason, and after further review a non-latching relay follows the mechanism we’re looking for; where the relay will change it’s position when losing power (from closed circuit to open).
Do you know of a particular non-latching relay that can handle a higher load and that is still compatible with the MirXR2x0_KIT?

Basically any non latching relay will work. I’d recommend one with a 12VDC coil to keep your power supply system simple.

Thanks for the help earlier Travis,
We ended up testing a system that worked for us using the MirCR2x_MCNET_KIT, an Elecrodepot 60A normally open contactor (934040) and a Din mounted 12Vdc power supply.

Unfortunately it looks like the MirCR2x_MCNET_KIT boards are out of stock for the foreseeable future so our victory was short lived. Could you advise on what a similar functioning replacement might be?
Right now were looking at the PR60-7 R1xPL board, but I’m unsure if it being programmable is a benefit or a drawback.

Thanks in advance!


No, those products are still in stock. You can order here:

Only the Wireless MirC products are out of stock. The MCNET(Ethernet products) are still in stock.

We had been using the wireless ZigBee MirC kit and not the MCNET.

Any alternatives that you can suggest for the wireless product?


The wireless MirC products should now be back in stock.